Sorting of curbside collected Paper for Recycling

Manufacturers of graphic papers mainly require “deinked” paper as raw material for their production. We obtain this graphic PfR from paper collected fromhouseholds. Our state-of-the-art sorting plant sorts household PfR by means of a mechanical and optoelectronic process, followed by manual sorting into graphic and miscellaneous paper fractions. This enables us to process approximately 25 tonnes of raw material per hour.

We are continuously monitored within the framework of our yearly certification as a Specialist Disposal Company.


Reel splitter

Resource management and effectivity are pillars of our daily actions.
In order to meet the paper industry’s high standards, we have augmented our services at our site with a highly efficient reel splitter. It is of particular importance to us that the “treating – cutting – pressing” process is carried out here.
The further processing and finishing of damaged or soiled reels is also possible.
Optimally processed, the raw material “PfR” can then be reintroduced into circulation.


Contract services

We are your contractor when it comes to paper for recycling

Need to use a paper press or sorting plant but don’t have your own or the necessary specialists to operate them? No problem! We can offer you all of this as a contractor. Our site in Nuremberg is home to one of the most modern paper sorting plants in Germany, with a capacity of 150,000 tonnes per year. As a contractor we will not only carry out all the necessary tasks when it comes to paper for recycling – we will also be happy to look after your logistics by means of our transport fleet.

Handling and storage

Our approx. 20,000 m2 site offers forklifts fitted with bale clamps, covered storage space and, last but not least, specialist personnel. We are thus able to check faulty goods, process them if required and, to a certain extent, temporarily store and handle volumes of paper.

To round off our range of services, we can provide two 50-tonne weighbridges, wheeled loaders for loose loads, and a ramp for loading overseas shipping containers.


We will happily coordinate suitable solutions with you in order to meet your needs effectively. Simply get in touch