Recognition by the project44 Preferred Carrier Program

The project44 network is the industry leader in Supply Chain Visibility solutions, linked by more than 800,000 fleets across 165 countries. More than 3.5 million vehicles in the network ensure every day that decisions can be made based upon real-time data and products are available when needed. The project44 Preferred Carrier Program recognises service providers that provide shippers with exceptional transparency in the supply chain through high tracking percentages and high tracking quality.

Less than 2% of the service providers in the project 44 network, which range in size from owner-managed companies to multinational companies across North America and Europe, have been awarded “Preferred Carrier” status.

We are delighted to have been awarded this status and will continue to pursue digitalisation in the supply chain.


Recycling logistics

As the operator of a large fleet of vehicles, ROWE is the perfect choice for transporting loose, baled, rolled and palletised goods etc. With our waste transport permit in accordance with §54 of the German Waste Management Act (KrWG) and all waste codes – including waste requiring signatures – we are the ideal partner for the waste management industry, paper industry, timber industry and other sectors.


Recyclinglogistik 2.0

Bulk goods by rail? We say YES - because loading Paper for Recycling (PfR) by rail serves as a targeted measure for active climate protection and ensures a sustainable future! 

Through the consequent use of rail as a mode of transport, we reduce the burden on the environment and infrastructure.

Join us in the green transformation of mass logistics and help us to promote climate, nature, resource and noise protection. 

By combining modes of transport in a purposeful way, we live up to our social and ecological responsibility - today and in the future.

Procurement logistics

We supply our plants and customers with the right quantities at the right time. Security of supply despite low stock levels and transparent transport and freight costs ensure your production capabilities and profitability. The growing integration of logistics processes in information and communication technologies provides real-time feedback and allows you to plan with certainty. Draw on our expertise for your volume flows.


Distribution logistics

Sustainable backloading concepts protect the environment and reduce the volume of trucks in companies. We take care of finished products for the final recipient on a daily basis, and we’ll also be happy to do so for your customers – time slot management and real-time tracking included. With interim warehousing to cover production peaks, you can count on us to find the right solution for your deadline.


Traffic center

Whether large, small, urgent or unusual – we’ll rise to the challenge. Got a special requirement or consignment? Just ask us, and we’ll find a solution for you.


Vehicle fleet

Our fleet consists exclusively of state-of-the-art tractor units and complies with the Euro 6d emissions standard. We optimise our driving behaviour and exhaust emissions as part of an energy management system – we take our responsibility as a fleet owner seriously. When it comes to alternative driving technologies, we are involved with the development of gas-powered vehicles. The pilot project on green company transport gives manufacturers valuable insights and underscores our responsibility for the future.


Where we operate

We are based in Germany and travel all around Europe, covering the distance to the moon every month – and we’d be happy to do it for you, too.